Get Quality Financial Statements

  • The “Notice to Reader” part is a report attached to the financial statements by the accountant. No assurance is provided to the reader and the accountant compiles the financial statements solely from information provided by the management.
  • The purpose of notice to reader report varies and normally every active business in Ontario requires this service and may file with their corporate tax returns.
  • The compiled financial statements usually consist of a balance sheet, income statement and some limited notes. However, no expression of assurance is provided under this engagement.
  • Banks and financial institutions require financial statements with “Notice to Reader” from a Chartered Professional Accountant.


Personalized Care for All Your Accounting Needs

TS CPA Professional Corporation cares about your personal and business interests. 

We provide wide range of bookkeeping services including:

  • Maintenance of Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payables (AP), General Ledgers (GL) and Bank Reconciliation Statement till to Preparation of Financial Statements.
  • We offers both onsite and offsite cost efficient bookkeeping services
  • Migration and conversion of your legacy system to the new system
  • Analysis of significant ratios and suggestion for process improvement and cost cutting.
  • Preparation of budgets and forecast
  • GST/ HST, WSIB, EHT filing, compliance reporting and related audit representation


Around the Clock Attention

We understand that confidentiality is essential in the processing of payroll. We offer complete payroll solution which is cost effective, reliable, secure and proficient with flexible input methods. We are experienced to enter and manage payroll services through Ceridian Payroll and ADB Payroll Services for our clients. We are processing weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly payroll and payment to employees through cheque or direct deposit.

  • We do various Payroll deductions like CPP, EI, Income tax, various employees’ contributions like LTD, RRP etc. Government remittances and compliance
  • Calculation of sick leaves, annual vacation, statutory holidays
  • Issuance of PD7A, payslips, summaries, and Record of Employment (ROE)
  • Registration, payment, and compliance with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and Employer Health tax (EHT).
  • Annual filing of T4 / T4A / T5 / NR4 / T5018 and related summaries

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

  • It is cost effective to use your staff more efficiently by outsourcing your payroll.
  • Reduce overhead by removing the need to hire specialized payroll employees. Our payroll service eliminates the worries of customizing, updating and maintaining your own payroll software and data entry. 
  • Focus on your own business and our professional staff will take care of your employees’ payroll issues. 
  • You will get accurate PD7A report, payslips, T4s, ROE and much more.


Get Your Taxation Done Right

TS CPA Professional Corporation cares about your personal and business interests. We are expert in preparation and e-filing of personal tax returns and know how to minimize personal taxes through better tax planning with the objective to legitimately pay the minimum amount of tax as possible within the jurisdiction of the law. We are experienced to use non refundable credits, tax deductible expenses and income reducing tools to minimize your tax payable. We love to do following returns:

  • Tax returns for new immigrant to Canada
  • Tax filing of Deceased Tax payer
  • Tax filing of non-resident
  • Tax filing at the time of departing from Canada
  • T1135 - Foreign Income Verification Statement
  • Section 216 tax returns

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Get Your Taxation Done Right

TS CPA Professional Corporation cares about your business and ensure lowest possible taxes within tax statute. 

  • Preparation and e-filing of corporate tax returns with a professional approach
  • Planning to minimize corporate taxes through better tax planning with the objective to legitimately pay the minimum amount of tax as possible within the provisions of the law
  • Best Approach for Business Combinations and Corporate Reorganizations
  • We are experienced and specialized for audits from Canada Revenue Agency
  • Timely support to comply with corporate, legal and tax laws & regulations


Personalized Care for All Your Business Needs

New Business Setup: 

We help in setting up a new business and our services include:

  • Registration of a corporation – Federal or Provincial
  • Registration of a business name – Sole proprietorship or partnership
  • Guidance for registration of payroll, GST/HST, WS&IB accounts
  • Evaluation of critical factors for the success of a new business along with review of fixed costs, variable costs and break-even analysis
  • Setup accounting system/ department
  • Preparation of budget or forecast or setting up financial goals

Profit Improvement: 

We have the professional experience to improve profit for business of all sizes by:

  • Reviewing present cost structure including contribution margin, variable and fixed costs.
  • Suggesting steps to improve and develop implementation strategies.
  • Suggesting to setup realistic financial targets so you can plan ahead and compare forecast figure with actual results.
  • Suggesting measures to reduce overhead costs, improve resources, better asset utilization, building better relations with suppliers, regulators and other Govt. agencies.

Corporate Minute Book Services: 

If you are a corporate director and your corporation had not updated its corporate minute book, we love to perform this function with a nominal fee of $100 to $125 per year.